In 2004 a new band was born.....all because a friend needed some help. Sam Bentley got a call asking if he could put a band together for one gig at Giddy Ups in south Austin. He called some musician friends who readily agreed to play....."Just one gig". Were they ever in for a surprise!! The band....while it has changed a little....has rarely slowed down since that first "just one gig"!

But, why would anyone call Sam? Well, it seems Sam was not a new-comer to the world of Texas country music!

Born in the small north Texas town of Olney, Sam was always fascinated with music as he was growing up. His Mother bought him his first guitar (a Silvertone f-hole from the Sears catalog) to encourage that love of music. Now, we're sure there were times later on that Mrs. Bentley had wished she'd bought him a bike instead. Sam, though, decided that guitar was best gift ever. read more


Sat. April 14

Giddy Ups - 8:30pm

Austin, TX
Fri. April 20

 290 West Club - 12013 W. Hwy 290 - 9pm

Austin, TX
Mon. April 23 Steel Monday, Samís Town Point - 2115 Allred - 7:00pm Austin, TX
Sat. April 28

Buda Weiner Dog Races - Moontower BBQ tent - 1 to 4:00pm

Buda, TX